Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yarny Revelations: Learning to Live in the Present

There was something beautiful about the soft purple yarn I was using as I crocheted on the four hour car ride home from my in-laws.  The sun blared at us through the windshield just at that spot where the blinders blocked it.  Lucky for me.  My sunglasses were locked in the trunk.  The heat had finally kicked on in our car that had been chilled by winter Wisconsin air and we switched it on low.  I enjoyed the toasty warmth the sun showered on me.  And that yarn ... throwaway leftovers that a friend gave me and I'm just using up ... it was soft and comfortable in my hands and strangely golden in a way camera phones can never really capture.

I know I'm waxing eloquent, but I'm trying to learn to spend more time in the present rather than fretting over the past or the future.  In the middle of that long car ride, it was nice to find a moment of peace and joy.  I want to remember that.

What a mess ...
I was so relaxed at that moment that my thoughts started getting a little philosophical as I tried to unknot that mess of yarn so I could use it up in my blanket.  Yarn is funny.  It's got two ends you can start pulling from as you crochet, and it's better to pull from the one that's coming from the inside of the rolled up yarn.  Normally it's easier.  But even that gets knotted sometimes.  When it gets knotted, the tighter you pull on it the more knotted up it gets, and the more difficult to undo.  It's tempting to yank on it, because knotted yarn can be very frustrating.  But it's better to do it slowly, loosely, and with a method.  My method was to work from the other end and roll up the extra bit into a little ball that I un-weaved in and out of all the knotted parts.  It worked eventually, and getting out the knots was almost as relaxing as making the blanket itself.

Here's the philosophical bent that my mind wandered to as I worked on that knot.  Get ready, it's pretty profound, hehe.  Yarn is like life.  Life has its challenges just like yarn has its knots, and being relaxed while you face life's challenges benefits you just like being relaxed while unknotting yarn does.  Being irritated at life's challenges just makes you frustrated and the challenges are more difficult.  Why not be relaxed at life's challenges, and look at them as an extension of the wonder of life instead of obstacles?  Not only will we enjoy life more ... but we'll also be able to solve our problems more effectively.  Win win.

The yarn will have knots.  There's no need to dread them, if indeed I truly enjoy the process of making the blanket as much as I enjoy having the finished blanket.  Especially this particular one, which I call my "garbage blanket" as I'm making it out of leftover yarn a friend gave me that she was just going to throw away.

Living in the present.

Making the blanket even when I have to unknot yarn is a moment to be savored, just like life's work, the daily grind, and also life's challenges are all moments to be savored.  May we savor them!

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