Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Year of Discipline

In my last few blog entries I've talked about the conviction I've come to recently that I want to become more disciplined, to the point that I've dubbed the 2014-2015 school year as my "Year of Discipline" after deciding to stop pursuing looking for part time teaching jobs and focus on my time as a stay at home parent.  Not that I'll stop in May of 2015 ... but by then, I want to have put some serious legwork into developing my character through being more disciplined.

Here are some areas that I'm planning to reflect on in the back-half of my Year of Discipline.

  • money
  • daily routine
  • parenting
  • career maintenance  
  • meal planning
  • exercise
  • hobbies
  • writing
  • spiritual practices
  • growing our family
  • home organization
  • cleaning
  • stress management

I also wrote down a few words after making that list and trying to think of how I could categorize them ... because categorizing things is fun to me.  The words were:
  • time
  • resources
  • relationships
  • activity

Ultimately, what this year comes down to is wanting to better appreciate how my time is a limited and precious resource, and I believe that the more of a healthy handle I have over my physical resources - the things that I have - then the better control I'll have over my time.  And I believe that being disciplined with these things will really help my relationships, but I have to be careful to not get bogged down in so much activity that it backfires and my relationships suffer.

It's worth mentioning that I've been reflecting a lot on outer discipline and inner discipline, and that's something I'll be working on too ... because ultimately this all comes down to character, and not just actions.  

That's it for now, a little view into what I mean when I talk about my "Year of Discipline." I'm excited to use my blog to share some things that I learn and do on my journey to being more disciplined.  Wish me luck and if you are the praying kind, I would appreciate a few prayers to keep me focused.  :)

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