Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Direction (Tuesday's Daily Theme)

Regarding tossing around the idea of having daily themes to meditate on for as long as I feel it would be helpful... The word I am thinking about for Tuesday is DIRECTION.  Some other words I considered were Evaluate, Organize and Purpose, but I like "direction" because for one, it's nice to have all my themes be nouns, and secondly, I feel like it encompasses the other ideas:

I want to sit back and evaluate.  Does the routine of my daily life contribute to me staying on the track I want to be on?  Do the activities and tasks on my plate also?  Do I have too much on my plate, resulting in me being pulled in too many directions; or am I holding back when I should be moving forward? Where am I pointed?  What is my vision for moving forward?

Some things this could look like in practical terms:
  • Prioritize journaling for reflection.
  • Organize my spaces in our home so that I can clearly see the tasks before me.
  • Focused prayer for guidance and living out God's purpose for me.

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