Monday, March 30, 2015

Focus (Monday's Daily Theme)

I've been tossing around the idea of having daily themes to meditate on in order to live more effectively and joyfully.  The theme that I have been lingering on for Mondays is FOCUS.

Originally I had written down the expression "One thing at a time" as something of a personal challenge, because I have a tendency to multitask in situations where I really shouldn't be multitasking.  But that expression, while valid - valiant even - weighed on me a little too heavily, more like a burden rather than a blessing.

So, keeping it simple, I'm lingering on the word "focus".  Some thoughts on what I would love for this to look like:

  • Giving my son my full attention as much as I can.  Enjoying him.
  • Looking up from my phone once in awhile.  Do I really need to be zoned in on my Facebook news feed right now?
  • Keeping my to-do list short by doing quick tasks as they come to me, rather than overwhelming myself by putting a million "send this text, send that email" items on the list.
  • Remembering when sending said messages that people are not bullet points on my to-do list.  Actually focus on the people I engage with - be present with them - don't just be waiting to move on to the next "thing" on my list.
  • Pausing more often.  Leaving space for breathing, for reflection, for hearing God's whispers.  My life can feel so busy sometimes, so full - but not the good kind, the satisfied fullness - the rushed kind. 
  • In the end I want to be focused, but on the right things.  Good and beautiful things.

Monday's daily theme: Focus.  :)

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