Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter & The Other Daily Themes

As Easter 2015 draws to a close I'm thankful for new things - new friendships, new beginnings, and of course new life in Christ.  I'm also thankful for some opportunities to practice a tested professional skill (teaching) and even a new professional skill (new writing project in the works).  It's an exciting time.  I feel a little bit like I'm coming out of a season where I've been internally focused and into a season that's more outwardly focused.  It believe that this transition time (well, a mental transition more than anything) been a rich season for reflection and growth.

I thought of the idea of having Daily Themes as a way for me to keep things in check.  Monday's theme of focus and Tuesday's theme of direction have been pretty cemented in my mind, but I haven't developed the other three as much, which among other things (like unexpected helping out a friend and a bout of stomach flu) is the reason why I haven't posted a blog entry clarifying them like I did for Monday and Tuesday.  Anyway, here are the themes and a few thoughts on each:

The Rest of the Daily Themes

Contentment (Wednesday)
This feels a lot like a continuation of the themes of focus and direction to me.  Contentment seems to be related to flexibility in my mind.  I can work hard towards a goal, but sometimes it won't be met and that's just beyond me.  Or sometimes, the goal needs be modified.  So by meditating on contentment at various points through the day I hope to remind myself that joy is best cultivated despite circumstances.

Family (Thursday)
It's a priority thing here.  I want to make sure that my family comes first, after God.  One way this might express itself is by making an effort to choose Family Stuff over Fun Stuff.  To choose connecting with my husband, my son, my parents, my sister, even good friends, over something on my to-do list.  Projects and even chores can edge their way up to the front of the line quicker than you can shout at them, "No cutting!!!" so today's a day to make sure priorities are in the right order.

Worship (Friday)
Continuing with the thoughts on priority.  Family is first, only after God.  And coming into the weekend, I want to make sure my heart is right to enjoy true rest, and be refreshed for the coming weekdays.  Within Christian circles you hear a lot, "Do whatever you do for God," and this is a day where I want to take that to heart.

Happy Easter!

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